Mother of a Crisis Client

My child became a parent at 17 years old. I thought our world was crashing down around us. I was pro-life, but I was so afraid! Will there be high school graduation? College? A job? The fear and confusion swirled around us. I knew this would change all our lives forever.

And it did. It was an absolute blessing. My grandchild brings so much joy into our lives! Yes, it’s hard sometimes in many ways. Life and lifestyle had to change. But helping my child raise their child has been a gift to our family. A Baby’s Breath helped us immediately through the prenatal counseling. Fear and confusion were replaced with knowledge and strength. Short term goals were set, and then as time went on parenting skills were learned along with setting long term goals. High school happened, commuting to college happened. And jobs will happen. Life isn’t what we thought it would be. For us it’s even better. Thank you ABB for the help you gave us. I am a grateful grandmother.

The experience that I had with one of your advocates inspired me to become a social worker and my child who is now grown is also learning to become a social worker.

– Darlene

My husband and I had nowhere else to turn for help with a crisis pregnancy.

– Michele

The Christmas present my child received was the only one he was receiving for that year.

Thank you for being there when no one else wanted to.

– Sherante

I want to give back for all the blessing that God has given me.

– Volunteer


I am giving you this donation for the mistake I made in aborting my child.  Anon.