Our ultrasound service is available to mothers and fathers who need to see their baby before he/she is born.  If you are one of those parents, send us a message and arrange for a phone/zoom consultation on how this service works.  Following a positive urine pregnancy test observed by our staff at one of our five centers, we can set up an appointment for a Limited Ultrasound in our Collegeville or Warminster Center. These ultrasounds are performed between 6 and 14 weeks following the first day of your last period. They enable us to confirm that your pregnancy is in the uterus, establish a beating heart, and determine the gestational age and expected due date for your baby. The ultrasound pictures are reviewed by our Radiologists and a report is sent to our Medical Director, who will contact you with the results.

Below is a picture of a baby sucking its thumb.  This baby is only 12 weeks old, but has the ability to be comforted in the safety of mom’s womb.