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Karen Patota is the founder of A Baby's Breath. The inspiration came from a friend's experience with Planned Parenthood about 20 years ago. Karen's friend was not given accurate information about her developing baby. Instead she was told that the baby was merely a clump of cells and she ultimately aborted her baby with this misinformation. The birth of her first son was her inspiration to act upon her pro-life convictions. When she held him in her hands and looked into his eyes, she saw God's love. She knew then what her friend who had an abortion had missed.

Karen is the mother of four children. Her children who continue to inspire her pro-life work are growing up and into their own lives and A Baby's Breath is also continuing to grow.

She earned a Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering from Drexel University in 1992 and a bachelor's degree in Applied Math from California State University in Long Beach in 1989. She is a parishioner at St. Teresa of Avila in Trooper. PA.

A Baby's Breath's primary mission is to "help a mother to see her child take his/her first breath". It is a safe place where mothers, fathers, and families can talk freely without being judged and where they can hear the truth from a voice filled with compassion and hope. Through their pregnancy counseling sessions with our volunteers, mothers learn about the life developing inside of them and are given the opportunity to discuss and focus on their life goals. We explore their options regarding adoption, speak to them about the message of chastity, and also offer a first step in the healing process in post-abortive support.

Our first center, a small 400 sq. ft. office, opened on August 15, 2000 on the Feast of the Assumption in the Jubilee year in honor of Our Lady. The counseling room was so full of baby supplies that we barely had room to counsel. The move to our location in Jeffersonville at 2118 W. Main Street in September 2001 resolved the space problem. We opened a second center at 1350 Willow Street in Norristown on August 15, 2003. Exactly two years later the Lord blessed our Ministry with our third location Collegeville which opened on August 15, 2005. This center is in the same building as Planned Parenthood. We just moved downstairs in an office space adjacent to Planned Parenthood. We offer our neighbors the beautiful choices of life. Our Bryn Mawr center was across the street from the Bryn Mawr movie theatre and opened August 15, 2007.

A Baby's Breath moved our Jeffersonville location moved two doors down to 2062 W. Main St. The location is made just for us with rooms for the baby store, parenting classes and a baby-sitting room. On February 10, 2012, our Warminster center was blessed for its newest mission. Just a few steps away from a Planned Parenthood that performs 20 surgical abortions/week. In 2013, we moved the Bryn Mawr center to Wayne. We hope to reduce our expenses and be more accessible to public transportation.

A Baby's Breath is a registered 501(3)c charity, but it functions as a self-help organization. We do this by helping clients develop the skills they need to provide a stable and loving environment for their children. We provide free tutoring in GED training. Our volunteer registered nurses conduct pre-natal classes on fetal development, nutrition, safety and related topics. We hold individual and group parenting class including budgeting advice from a registered financial planner, parenting techniques, and more for our parents in order to extend our support for life. We are the front door to many other resources. We have the forms our clients need to access help from other organizations. Our Baby Store houses supplies for our clients' babies (diapers, clothing, toys, cribs, etc.) and maternity clothing, which has been donated by kind folks throughout the Delaware Valley. Our clients accrue credits to purchase what they need by attending counseling sessions, GED sessions, parenting classes, pre-natal classes, etc. We do all of this through the grace of God, the support of our sponsors and contributors and the hard work of our dedicated volunteers.

Our newest service is the ultrasound service where mothers and fathers can see their unborn children before their first breath. We introduced our ultrasound service in the Fall of 2011. It has been a meaningful difference for mothers and fathers on the fence of choosing Life.

Our dedicated volunteers have always been the foundation for A Baby's Breath's ability to fulfill its mission. Our volunteers have generously donated their time, talent and treasure to this organization and are its life's blood. They are nurses, teachers,engineers, business people, moms, dads, and clergymen assembled together to help mothers, fathers, and families weather a crisis pregnancy. We know that choosing life is not easy, but we know that where there's life - there's hope. We supply the hope for mothers/fathers/families in crisis pregnancies.

If you are interested in creating a place of hope in your community. Please contact Karen at help@ababysbreath.org